Anna Petts and Luca Paci


Baraka Teas is an independent tea company based in London which was born out of our love of premium quality tea. We believe in preserving the environment as the only  way to promote health and sustainable growth. Being kind to the Earth and its inhabitants is a core value which we passionately  bring into our teas. We are Anna and Luca, both Medical Herbalists and co-founders of Baraka Teas.  Selecting pesticide free teas directly from the growers, we test these teas to ensure maximum levels of antioxidants are preserved, along with unique distinctive flavours. This allows us to bring our customers a genuine product which has been nurtured through all phases of production, from seed to cup. We care about the soil, the tea plant, the local flora and fauna, the workers and ultimately our customers, in a symbiotic relationship beneficial to all of us and the world we live in.  



You may be wondering where the name ‘Baraka’ came from … We came across this word extensively during our travels and grew to love what it stands for: blessing or a spiritual power believed to be possessed by certain people, animals or objects. It is said that something “brings baraka” i.e good fortune or blessings. We felt it apt to bestow this name upon our beautiful kitten, who was found on top a rubbish dump in Italy and we feel she has certainly brought ‘baraka’ to our lives. We decided to honour her by naming our UK tea company after her and we hope it will bring baraka to all those it touches.



We source our teas direct from some of the finest tea gardens on earth. All are lovingly handmade by true artisans and are always grown without the use of pesticides. Our farmers work the plantations using sustainable practices which respect the delicate balance of the ecosystem and make it a healthier place for the tea pickers to work. We strongly believe in harvesting our teas from farmers, not brokers, so that we can build proper, human relations and develop a deep, intricate understanding of where our tea is from. This also means that you, the customer, benefits from fresh tea, retaining its maximal health properties and taste.




We aim to bring unique, premium quality teas to the market in an ethical way. The media is riddled with articles on exploitation in the tea industry and the poor wages, lack of medical care and unsanitary housing conditions which many workers have to endure. Unfortunately, this is fuelled by the nation’s demand for cheap tea bags which are always produced on an industrial scale.

We want to open up a whole new world of tea, in all its beautiful forms, so a deep appreciation of the leaf can be gained and a new respect for the artisanal hands that created it given.