New technologies have their own requirements, especially in the field of information technology.

The design has a significant impact on business, and in this article, we will talk about the main trends in web design in 2020.

Ideally, the most significant trends were selected according to the following factors: color choice, use of texts, typography, general interface, etc. Trends define culture in different ways, and maintaining them ensures that you can be part of the system, be in trend, so to tell.

Emotions In Design

The only way to create the first real connection with your potential customers is to create an emotional design. The best websites of 2020 are based on emotional appeal, when they cause users joy, sadness, a sense of surprise and anxiety, or instantly have confidence or vice versa.

The choice of colors used to image any of the above sensations should create this connection and be consistent with the content of the text and images. The general appearance of the interface causes striking emotions in the user, and this determines the result of the next step of the user.

The first emotion and perception determines the further use of the site or application. Creating an emotional design captivates users and immediately aroused great interest in your product.

Color Says A Lot

There is a difference between vibrant colors and vibrant ones. If you understand the difference, then you are halfway to success. The combination of dynamic image overlays and color animations has gained immense popularity, and this trend in web design should not weaken.

Nevertheless, the choice of colors should be concisely combined with other elements on the website to convey the targeted message.

Looking at the most popular colors, we can say that bright blue and pale violet shades are the easiest and most frequent choice of new websites and applications.

This is not the first time that website design trends depend on color choice, but suffice it to say that previous designs have played a significant role in evolution.

Objective Animation

Animation is not new, but it remains a current trend in web design, and should be used objectively. The main idea of animation is to direct users to specific points of design and attract their attention.

It should not overshadow the main purpose of design, it should enhance the perception of users.

Even in real life, animations were designed to quickly get attention. Now is the time for web designers to take full advantage of the technology to create amazing animations that attract a huge number of users.

Voice Interface

In 2020, web users are looking for the easiest ways to access web content. If you, as a web designer, understand how users interact with voice commands during a keyword search, then everything is not so bad.

However, to include the voice command option in your interface, there should be a lot of available content, and it should be at the highest level.

Voice interfaces were created specifically for easily receiving data and information, therefore, to make the most of this popular trend in UI design, you need to use content and make it easily accessible with a voice command.

Return To One Page

2020’s new web design trends are gradually spanning a one-page scroll design where everything appears on the front page. This is perhaps the most interesting feature, users can easily access many functions of the page through the menu navigation.

Ideally, this eliminates the use of long forms that create the feeling of an overloaded page. Since the use of mobile has increased greatly, the use of a single-page design has become relevant, it is best suited for mobile users who are already used to scrolling.

This facilitates access to content. Considering what impatient users of the site may be, it will be ideal for them if they can see on one page everything that your site is and understand if there is something that they need.

Surreal Designs

Let’s face it, this is a crazy world and you have to come up with a web design made up of surreal elements. People look at projects that are more like dreams than reality, but, nevertheless, such designs create even more significant influence.

Although previously tested in website trends, abstract designs have never been so relevant in web development.

For example, most users really like animations, cartoons, and strange illustrations; they attract their attention. In the end, the main goal is to engage users in the process and give them something fresh, new. It is expected that many surrealistic projects will be used in the future, and this will have an even greater impact on the audience.