Four very busy days at London Olympia exhibiting at The Mind, Body, Spirit Show was definitely an eye-opening event. We thought we'd be exhausted by waking at the crack of dawn and returning after dark, but instead we were completely uplifted by such a wonderful crowd and positive energy. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people interested in trying our teas, venturing away from their traditional brews and keen on trying something different. Even more surprising were the amount of children wanting to try our teas!


It seems we are turning into a nation of green tea drinkers with most of you opting for this beverage due to its reported health benefits. However, many of you decided to try the Malawi White Peony, as you had not tried a white tea before, and were surprised by its delicate yet full flavour. It turned out to be our best seller! This beautiful tea hails from the Satemwa Tea Estate in Malawi and is as pure as tea gets. Aside from its delicious fruity taste, it is also a fantastic way to slow the signs of ageing due to its powerful antioxidants.


We were lucky enough to have a large space which we used to create a 'chill out area' where one could sit, relax and sample our teas and raw, vegan, handmade chocolate from Cococaravan.

Cococaravan chocolate

Deliciously healthy chocolates




Seeing so many of you sitting in our space, enjoying the show and relaxing gave us much pleasure. To top it off, we had the most wonderful neighbours in The Henna Den, such a genuine, friendly and talented family who decorated the bodies of many with their exquisite designs and filled the air with exotic, heady scents....



The Henna Den

The Henna Den providing henna and incense



We are so excited to have met all you wonderful people at the event and look forward to forming personal relationships with our new fans. Look out for our newsletter soon with an exclusive code allowing 20% off our range.

'Til next time!



Anna Petts


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