This is important because new trends in the appearance and functionality of websites change according to the needs of users. What trends will dominate in website design in 2020? You will find out about all issues related to this topic after reading our article.

Clear Colors And Simplicity

There is no better way to make your website stand out from the competition than bold colors and not too colorful elements. Then the user’s eyes are not wandering, but focus on the right content. In some cases it is recommended to opt out of “safe” and “boring” pastels, in favor of contrasting expressive colors for example, a combination of red with white or navy blue with black.

In some cases, such color combinations can emphasize the unusual and eccentric personality of the brand, and also cause that such colors will be directly associated with a given company.

Use Gifs Instead Of Video

The video on the website looks effective and has been a very popular web design trend in previous years. However, it was the cause of the page loading too long, which made the interaction between the company and users difficult. 

The ideal solution to replace this type of trend are so-called, animated gifs from photographs. They take up less space, which reduces the loading time of the site and thus becomes more user-friendly.

Asymmetrical Sections

Many websites prefer secure symmetrical layouts. Of course, it is important that the content is centered, but if we want to catch the attention of the recipient, it does not hurt elements that slightly disturb the symmetry. 

“Asymmetrical” menu, graphics, “call to action” button – this is an ideal solution in line with the latest trends. However, moderation should be used in this solution because too much asymmetry in the system can do more harm than help.

Voice User Interface(VUI)

The technology based on voice communication between the company and the user has been one of the hot trends for several years. However, still few companies have decided to introduce a voice interface on the site. 

Voice interfaces can be more user-friendly than classic, because most people already have tired eyesight through modern work requirements (currently most people do their work on the computer, and even in professions that have nothing to do with computer science) and trends (typing in messengers) social, many spend even a few hours a day in a way that is ruthless for the formula). 

Statistics predict that voice channels by 2022 will be a market worth more than $ 40 billion (source: OC&C Strategy Consultants). And over 60% over the age of 25 think.

For these reasons, it is likely that VUI may become another hit in 2020! Therefore, it is worth it to overtake the competition and look for an agency that will design a website with a voice user interface.

Handwriting And Drawings

A website is not only an address somewhere in virtual reality, but also a business card, which is one of the elements of the company’s image in the eyes of use. Therefore, the more individual elements there are, the more we will stand out from the competition.

A special trend next year may be “hand-drawn” elements that will give the site a unique character. However, not one webmaster can ask the question “Why not stop at high-resolution photos that are associated with high-class design?”

Well, because “handmade” elements such as the font or drawings are not only cute – but also “human”. They can get a lot closer to the user’s consciousness than the most sophisticated graphics will create in professional graphics programs.