Infusing loose leaf teas can seem a bit daunting to the beginner, but it really couldn't be easier. Follow our simple guide to ensure you brew the perfect cup of tea every time:


1) Select your tea and place the required amount in your teapot/ infusion vessel. Use approximately one rounded teaspoon per person.


2) Heat the water. Different types of tea require different temperatures (see chart). Black tea needs water just before the rolling boil, oolongs about 95C and green and whites 80-85C. If you don't have a temperature controlled kettle, just look for the little bubbles that start to appear from the bottom of the kettle and that will be roughly the right temperature for green or white teas. Alternatively, boil the water and leave to rest for 2-3 minutes before pouring.






3) Pour the water over the leaves and allow to infuse for the required amount of time. As a general rule, the smaller the leaf pieces, the quicker they will infuse.


4) Your tea is now ready to be enjoyed, so simply pour into your cup "until the last drop" as the Japanese say. Leaving water at the bottom of the pot will result in bitterness for the next infusion.



  • Loose leaf tea may be infused multiple times. Generally, 2 minutes is enough for the initial infusion and subsequent infusions will need an additional minute or so each time.


  • Use the best quality water available as the best tea is only as good as the water. Tap water can be heavily chlorinated, which will of course affect the taste of the tea.  Filter your water if possible or use bottled spring water and make sure it it fresh, as re-boiling reduces the oxygen content, which is so important for enhancing the taste of the tea.


  • NEVER pour boiling water over green or white teas as this will scald the leaves and destroy all the delicate flavours, resulting in a bitter brew.


  • Tea leaves need space to expand and unfurl so that all the flavours can be released, which is why we do not recommend using small tea infusers such as tea balls. Our conossier glass tea infuser is the perfect way to infuse loose leaf teas as you can see the beauty of the leaves through the glass and the water is drained from the top compartment, meaning no liquid remains for the next infusion.


  • Each type of tea has an optimum water temperature and infusion time to bring out its best flavour, however we all have different palates and preferences so we would advise you to experiment with brewing times until you find your perfect cup of tea.