White Tea Facial Mist


We talked previously about the amazing benefits of white tea on the skin here, so today I’m going to show you how to cool off during the summer months while supplying your skin with a cocktail of antioxidants in the process, by making a white tea facial mist. It couldn’t be simpler. You will need:


A teapot/ brewing vessel

Quality white or green tea

Distilled/spring water

Empty spray bottle.




Place tea leaves in the teapot, add hot water and allow to infuse until the tea cools. The longer you leave it, the more caffeine will be extracted, which is great for calming any irritation as it works as an anti-inflammatory. Caffeine also acts as a vasoconstrictor, meaning it constricts the blood vessels, helping to smooth the skin and reduce puffy eyes.





Once cooled, simply transfer the infusion into your empty spray bottle and store in the fridge for a truly refreshing facial spritz. Essential oils can be added if desired, however we love the fruity fragrance of our Malawi White Peony tea, so we prefer to keep it unadulterated.



Feel free to substitute the white tea for green; both contain high levels of polyphenols which fight free radicals and thereby slow the signs of ageing. Studies also show that topical application of tea may help reverse sun damage and help prevent skin cancer, so this is the perfect way to freshen your skin throughout the day.

Please note that for best results, use high quality loose leaf tea. Scientific studies on the myriad health benefits of tea are always carried out using high quality teas, so please don’t fool yourself into thinking the cheap supermarket teabags will provide you with the same antioxidants benefits.



Anna Petts

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